Perry Farrell Has Lost His Damn Mind

I LOVE Jane’s Addiction. Let me first put that out there before I go on to bash my man Perry. I think Jane’s has been, and continues to be one of the most progressive bands still making music today. Which is why Perry’s recent comments in Billboard magazine have me confused. Perry thinks the government should get involved in the music business and regulate and tax online music, while also helping to fund musical education programs.

The government. The same government who wants to get rid of funding for NPR, the same government who continues to censor music, and the same government, who up until last Friday at 11:30pm, might have had to shutdown completely.

That government Perry?

He says: “I think that the government should help to regulate online music distribution and the music industry should give a little to the government for two reasons,” he says. “For one, if the government gets involved and helps to regulate, there would be more money coming into the recording industry and that means more money for the musicians. And it’s also a good idea because you could take some of that money and put it into music education. The government could take that money and use it for school systems, which don’t have any idea how to get those music programs going again.”

Perry please. I hate to say this, but you’re gonna have to wake up and smell the digital coffee. We cannot go back there, and even if we could, I don’t think it would be, or it ever was, in the best interest of the musicians and artists. That will not save the record industry.

We’re going to have to destroy and rebuild. Maybe in the rebuilding process we can figure out music education programs, distribution, and the economics of it all, but we definitely do not need record labels nor the fucking United States government to get involved.

Think about this: who goes to your concerts and buys your albums? The government and record executives or the fans?

Oh, and if you haven’t heard Jane’s Addiction’s new song, “End To the Lies”, listen now

The music will find a way online.

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