The Record Business Was Dying In 1980

Back in 1980, the record industry was in turmoil – a place they seem to find themselves in on a regular basis. Featuring interviews with various record label executives on weather or not this new thing called “music video” would save the record business.

This pre-dated eMpTyVee, which didn’t launch until August 1st, 1981.

Featuring clips from various artists including:

Kate Bush
Lene Lovich
Todd Rundgren
The Rolling Stones
Michael Nesmith
Rickie Lee Jones
Tom Petty
Fleetwood Mac
The Buggles
Bruce Springsteen

It’s amusing (although unintentionally so), and the hosts of the program really don’t seem to grasp the relationship of music and video. And people under 20 might find those giant DVDs somewhat disturbing.

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