10 Reasons Why Most Indie Recording Artist Fails

“It starts with a dream. You listen to your favorite songs and artist. Try to play guitar and write songs. Form a band, then do local gigs. You try to cover as many songs as possible. You then try to go to studios, do some rough recording. And when the band are on the way home, you then talk to each other that someday, the band will be famous. You then planning to give demos to every key person in the music industry. The band then dreams of having a million dollar beach house, filled with parties and chicks. And finally dream of having an enormous bank account consisting of band royalties.And you think you are most likely to succeed.

The truth is, no you are not. Frankly speaking, music business is so HARD. The reason why it is hard because in the first place:”

10 Reasons Why Most Indie Recording Artist Fails.

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