One More Reason To Watch True Bood: Deborah Ann Woll

Have you watched the first 2 episodes of True Blood so far this season? If not, do it!

Season 3 begins with everyone kinda picking up the pieces that Mary Ann left behind, and with Sookie trying to track down her lover, Bill. The first two episodes were a little crazy in that a lot was thrown at you all at once; with the new inclusion of  werewolves and the hierarchy of the vampires. It was confusing, but still exciting to say the least. It truly is a great show and I’m glad it was already picked up for a 4th Season!

If you haven’t seen this show, lemme be the first to tell you —  WATCH IT. Interesting plot, funny characters, and an impressive amount of T&A. One of the other reasons I watch this show is for Deborah Ann Woll (Brooklyn stand up!). She plays Jessica Hamby, and she is HOT. I didn’t think so at first, but the more the show progresses, you start to see the sexiness that is Jessica. Wow…

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2 Responses to One More Reason To Watch True Bood: Deborah Ann Woll

  1. Simon D. Scott says:

    Danm right she is. Amazing actress, too! Thank you for the pics!

  2. Alexandre says:

    Omg, she’s incredbly hot. Her wonderful red hair, combined with her blue eyes are breathtaking. 🙂

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