Honest NYPD Cop: “I Was Forced to Make Arrests”

There aren’t many honest cops out there, but occasionally I’ll run into a one or two in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. I understand being a police officer nowadays is just a job for most, but there are a few do-gooders out there that actually want to help protect and serve the community. Officer Adil Polanco seems like he’s one of those officers. He says 1 Police Plaza has gotten so worried about crime stats, they pressure officers to meet their monthly quotas and arrest folk. This is nothing new to people in the hood. We are fully aware of the “quotas” police have to fill. I’m just surprised that this guy came forward and is essentially risking his job and that blue wall of whatever the police hide behind.

Officer Polanco goes on to say, “I’m not going to keep arresting innocent people, I’m not going to keep searching people for no reason, I’m not going to keep writing people for no reason, I’m tired of this.” Who wants to bet Officer Polanco won’t be an officer for very much longer?? (via ABC)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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