Marijuana May Soon Be Legal In Four U.S. States

The push to make marijuana legal continues as four U.S. states are currently pursuing the legalization of marijuana. The hope from these states is that marijuana will become fully regulated, as well as completely legal. The four states pushing to legalize marijuana include Massachusetts, California, New Hampshire, and the state of Washington. (via SmartAboutHealth)

New York needs to consider making marijuana legal, if for anything, to exclude the “narcotic” from the ridiculous Rockefeller laws. The sentencing for low level offenders is not only extreme, but it also is a burden for taxpayers in an already cash-strapped economy. With the sale and taxation of marijuana, New York State could help the failing MTA, The Department of Transportation, and schools.

I know I’m dreaming big here, but anything is possible. In time, we’ll see the effects of legalization in these four states, and hopefully if things are positive, more states will follow suit. We’ll know much more once January legislative sessions begin.

Keep your fingers crossed and your joints lit.

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