Dexter Season Finale Ratings Hit All-Time High

Did any one of you watch the season finale of Dexter on Sunday night? Isn’t it the best TV drama of all time, OF ALL TIME!? It was reported on Monday that a record 2.6 million viewers tuned in to watch in what was probably the most shocking episode of Dexter to date. What a way to close the season, right? Although, I will note that after Dexter “snuck up” on the Trinity Killer in the middle of the deserted street, I was a little put off. Was Dexter hiding in the backseat or something? How the hell did he just show up out of nowhere?? Small details, but kinda hokey nonetheless..

After Dexter satisfied his dark passenger with Trinity’s blood, (which by the way, John Lithgow should earn an Emmy, Oscar and a Grammy for his role), I was expecting a cheesy, yet comfortable ending, much like the last three seasons, but holy shit was I turned inside-out! I was totally not expecting Rita’s death, thus spawning Trinity Killer’s cycle all over again (she was a mother of three and Dexter bludgeoned him with a roofing hammer. Did anyone else catch that??). I was wondering why he was being so cool and accepting of his impending demise.

I’m excited about next season already, and also saddened that we’ll have to wait almost a year until another story unfolds. What will happen next year? Will Dexter go on an all out killing spree to fill in the hole that Rita left behind? Will Rita’s kids latch on to Dexter or lash out? Will Deborah wig out after losing another loved one? There are so many places Dexter could go, and hopefully they will bang out another incredible season. The writers of Dexter are an amazing group of artists and storytellers, and deserve an Emmy for season four. They truly made Sunday nights Must-See-TV.

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