Too Much Joy Royalty Statement

I’m not sure who Too Much Joy is, but they look like another band that’s gotten Fleece Johnson’ed in the butt by the majors. Albeit, they haven’t been signed to a major since the 90’s, but after five years on iTunes, their three albums have pulled in a whopping $62.47.

Since they’re contract ended with Warner Brothers, they’ve released four independent albums, which during the same 5 years, they sold a total of $12,000 in digital download sales. Something seems terribly wrong with Warner Brother’s math. Is the WB frog in charge of accounting over there???

I understand that when an artist or band is signed, they are given an advance. This advance is essentially a merchant loan, which the band or artist then pays back in album sales. Depending on the amount of the loan, and contract stipulations, the artists may not see an actual royalty statement for a few years. It is also up to the label to drive sales and advertise their “product”, (ie. their artist or band) so they can recoup their money.

This is a classic case of the major labels either not doing their job, or thinking that the artists won’t figure it out. Unfortunately, some artists never do, and that’s why you see huge superstars go broke in a few years.

Be independent. That’s all for today’s lesson.

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