Spike Lee: “Tyler Perry’s Movies Are Coonery and Buffoonery”

Spike Lee was at the 14th Annual Black Enterprise Conference and made some remarks about black film today. Most notably, Tyler Perry’s movies, in which he likened them to Amos and Andy.

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For the most part, I agree with Spike. I see a lot of black movies out, where the characters are shuckin & jivin and carrying on like being ignorant is the only way they can make it in Hollywood… and maybe they’re right. Sometimes I’m stunned with the movies I see come out of Hollywood, like this shit here:

But then I realize that a majority of all films coming out of Hollywood are greenlit by white executives and producers, and they’re only thinking of movie ticket and DVD sales, not the effect these movies will have on society. Tyler Perry was on 60 Minutes this past Sunday, and said, “Madea, Brown and all of these characters are a bait. Disarming, charming, make you laugh bait, so that I can slap Madea in something and talk about God, love, faith, forgiveness, family.”

I recently saw “Why Did I Get Married,” and it wasn’t that bad. It sent a good message about love and forgiveness, and the characters weren’t portrayed in a negative image (I’m sure Janet Jackson wouldn’t go for that!) Other than that, I’ve never seen any of Mr. Perry’s other films, because when I see a black man dressed like a woman (Madea), I immediately think coonery. I’m sure he feels that these characters are harmless and innocent enough so he can slip in his message, but the lasting impression that these roles leave sends a different message to its’ viewers, and we’ve already been Bamboozled enough.

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