MMA: The Place NFL Players Come to Compete


As I’ve said before, I predict the UFC will one day be bigger than the NFL, and it’s no surprise that retired players from the NFL have found their way into mixed martial arts. With the competition level being so high in MMA, many football players and wrestlers make the transition easily, that is…until they get their ass handed to them by a BJJ artist or a Muay Thai specialist.

Regardless, I think it’s great that these players have built up enough courage and respect for the sport, that they are willing to compete in the UFC and Strikeforce. It was announced today that NFL legend Herschel Walker signed with Strikeforce, and will debut his sixth-degree black belt Taekwondo skills in early 2010. Further, four retired NFL players will step inside the Octagon in this season’s Ultimate Fighter, and I’m looking forward to that.

The UFC is relatively young, and it’s hard to imagine that it, along with MMA, will go anywhere but through the roof.  Additionally, if this weekend’s millions of dollars in Pay Per View sales is any indication of the growing popularity of the fighters and their disciplines, I’m sure we’ll see more and more athletes from all sports try their hand at mixed martial arts.

But will they be good? Jose Canseco, anyone????

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