Skinny/Bright/Tight Clothes Vs Baggy Clothes

There’s a hip hop civil war going on right now, and it’s between the skinnies and the baggies. This has been brewing for the last year and a half now, and dudes is starting to come out of the woodwork with tracks and videos on both sides. Personally, I could care less how tight or baggy a dude’s clothes are, but this is not about what I think. The lines have been drawn, and no white flags have been raised yet, so this war is going to continue.

I notice that it’s usually younger cats that are rockin the tighter, brighter gear and what have you, and that’s fine. They didn’t grow up in the 80’s with us older dudes, and I think we should allow them a pass to wear all the tight-ass Jordache and Cazelles they want. Some of our most iconic figures in hip hop wore that skinny shit…where’s your diss track for them??

Skinny Ass Run DMC

The Furious Five and Their Fierce Clothes

And to all the older dudes still rockin the Boot Camp Click baggy jeans and hoodies, let’s move on. You can’t wait for the 90’s fashion to roll back around in a few years and then be like, “Aha! I told ya’ll!!” You look like you wearin your father’s clothes.

Baggy Ass White Dude

And maybe this is what it’s all about: trying to fit into our older brother’s, father’s or grandfather’s shoes. I know when I pick out an outfit to wear, I think about my dad and all the fashion choices he made when he was my age, and I hope that I can look as cool as he did. He continues to be my inspiration.

So, fellas on both sides of this war, let’s pause for a moment and reflect on the subjects of fashion and trends. We may not all agree that skinnies or baggies are better than the other, but we must find some common ground…and we need to learn to get along, because at the end of the day it’s all about hip hop.

Oh, and to all the baggies out there: before we get back to the mid 90’s, we still have to get through Cross Colours and African medallions. I’m just saying.

Cross Colours

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