The 3 Biggest Reasons Music Magazines Are Dying

The death of magazinesAre you surprised that a lot of music magazines have died in the last year, and I’m talking big ones, Vibe, Blender, Scratch?? Most publishers and editors will say that advertising was down, costs of paper and ink rose, etc.. But ask yourself, when was the last time I bought one of these magazines?

Ex-Blender staffer Jonah Weiner suggests there are other factors killing the music mags in his Slate piece “Spinning In The Grave“:

1. There are fewer superstars, and the same musicians show up on every magazine cover.
2. Music mags have less to offer music lovers, and music lovers need them less than ever anyway.
3. Music magazines were an early version of social networking. But now there’s this thing called “social networking”

What do you think?

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