Janet and Jermaine SPLIT! New Rule #37

I just heard the news that Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri split up today. This kinda makes sense, since we didn’t see him at the MJ Funeral Service. People have been saying that it was on its way out the door anyway.

But this brings up a very important subject…. girlfriend tattoos. It seems that when a dude meets a girl, who he thinks is the bomb, what’s usually the first thing he does (besides getting her pregnant)? He gets her name/face tattooed on his body. Some girls find this sort of thing cute and meaningful, but in reality, that guy just put an expiration date on their relationship.

For example:

1. Jermaine Dupri


JD probably thought, “Janet and I are gonna be together forever! I’m gonna tattoo her image on my body!” Did that fool not hear The Velvet Rope album??

2. Nick Cannon


Nick is a lucky guy. Who wouldn’t want to go home to Mariah everyday? She’s beautiful, she’s gorgeous, she’s RICH!

But that girl is also crazy as hell. Nick did the right thing to get that big ass Mariah tattoo on his back, and I’m sure it was her idea. But be careful Nick, when ya’ll finally get that divorce, she will be taking her money (and that tattoo) back.

For number 3 I have to flip the script:

3. Angelina Jolie


Girls also fall victim to the name/face tattoo, don’t get it twisted. Angelina thought she met King Ding-A-Ling when she met Billy Bob Thorton. But after hooking up with Brad Pitt, she dropped that tattoo as fast as Brad Pitt dropped Jennifer Aniston.

So, new Rule #37 shall be: Do not get tattoos of a girls name, face, or combination thereof on your person. Just don’t…

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