What The fuhh??

It was reported on Friday that angry gay blog gossiper Perez Hilton will be getting his own record label at Warner Music. What the holy hell fuck?!

Perez apparently has “an ear, which is really important in the music world – to be able to hear a hit and to be able to know who has a good song or not…” Well shit, sign me the hell up as well, cuz I got TWO ears!

I don’t know, maybe I’m bitter (not really, who wants to fuck with majors anyway??), but I guess the TI’s at Warner had no choice to but to hire someone they think is “hip” and “cool” and has at least ONE good ear for talent. (via Rolling Stone)

Perez Hilton

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One Response to What The fuhh??

  1. Mr. Penor says:

    Someone please kill this person please.

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