Let’s Dead “NO HOMO” Pllleeeeasssee!

I just read a very interesting column in today’s issue of Metro NY (Fuck the Times, Metro’s free bitch!), written by Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, where he discusses the popular urban phrase “no homo”, and how it “reveals a deep homoerotic impulse within the hip hop culture”. Now we all have friends, family members, co-workers, pot dealers that use this phrase constantly, and I can honestly say that it’s annoying as fuck. I mean, I can no longer end my sentences with “In”, “On”, “Some”, “Coming”, or “Dildo” without getting that “pause” look. You know whutimsayin..

I’m sure “no homo” (or a variation of it) has been around for since my daddy’s daddy’s time, but it was Dipset that introduced this phrase into the hip hop vernacular, and made it as common as other popular terms such as “Nawmean”, “Nawimsayin”, or “Too Legit To Quit” (Hammer don’t hurt ’em) But is this a phrase worth keeping around?

Mr Hill pointed out that the “no homo” phrase reinforces the idea that gays and lesbians are to be looked down upon and ridiculed, which is troubling since a lot of people in the entertainment business (especially hip hop!) are in fact, gay or lesbian. Mr Hill goes even a step further in saying that “using this phrase means you are constantly thinking about gay sex.” That’s some deep rooted sexual shit when you really think about it…

Sorry to all the Dipset fans, but you’re probably gay.

What do ya’ll think?

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One Response to Let’s Dead “NO HOMO” Pllleeeeasssee!

  1. For example, humans have the binomial name Homo sapiens. Holden Lesbians

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