Are Downloads Killing the Record Industry?

Record labels and the RIAA would like to think so. They’ve gone to great lengths to persecute downloaders in the last few years, and now with Pirate Bay shut down indefinitely, I’m sure the fat cats at the labels think they’ve scored a major victory.

What they fail to understand is that Pirate Bay was merely a small fish in a HUGE pond. There are thousands of websites and blogs on which music can be found and downloaded illegally. Maybe they were just trying to set an example, hoping to scare up CD sales. But who owns a CD player anymore??


Is it really illegal downloads that are killing the industry, or can it be something else?  A UK study showed a correlation between declining CD sales and rising DVD and video game sales.

…nowadays, one can choose between a game costing £40 that will last weeks, or a £10 CD with two great tracks and eight dud ones. I think a lot of people are choosing the game – and downloading the two tracks. via Guardian UK

The Majors have concerned themselves so much with having a hit single and a follow up single, that they’ve totally ignored the fact that what sells CDs is good music! I haven’t heard a good album in I don’t know how long. I’ve heard some catchy-ass songs and ring tones, but a good album???

So, a letter to all Majors:

Dear Major Record Labels,


AR (aka Grand Finale)

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One Response to Are Downloads Killing the Record Industry?

  1. John says:

    Hey please check out this new kid on the block- Cadet.. Toured with chipmunk and performed alongside Tinchy Stryder!!

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