White Power??

Did I just hear that from a Jewish kid?

On the eve of Obama’s speech in Cairo, 2 guys armed themselves with a camera and a mic and, and wandered into the streets of Jerusalem to interview young Israelis and American Jews about their reaction to the speech. What they got on film is pretty shocking to the say the least. Peep it…

Dude this is some crazy shit. Are these little fuckers so stupid that they are actually saying “white power” and calling Obama a “ni**er” ???? Sweet jesus, lawdy mercy. Whats the world coming to?

The only person I agree with is the last guy “All I can say is, I want some pussy.”

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One Response to White Power??

  1. incoming says:

    I dont know about haters, because I dont hate anyone. I can tell you as a scientist, the data shows white cultures and their people grow and thrive without any help from outside cultures. Black, central, southamerican, islanders, and middleeastern cultures never typically get off the the ground, and they continually have to be supported by white culture and their peoples. Out fo the races on the planet only two stand out and stand alone, European, and asian. That being said it is the european cultures clearly shows to be the dominate people and culture. The europeans would have conquered and enslaved the asians had they not been so far away.

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